From Aleppo city more than 30 years ago was the dun and steady beginning when our parents started collecting the staff for the engineering section that had more than 30 experienced architects in addition to the local well skilled stonemasons who were about 75 workers ready to accomplish highly crafted tasks .this highly qualified staff started work from 1980 under  the name of (Al Markaz for architecture and ornament( .Then it was expanded under the name   (Kattaa Group for Building and Extension) which promoted many pioneer extensive fields. The sons after 35 years started to resume and extend in  new born efforts what their parents had established and made experienced well trained staff. We introduce this experienced well trained staff under the name of (Sultan Vision)

Sultan Vision: a new born company based on (Kattaa group for building and extension)

It is a pioneer company in the field of exterior and interior architecture and garden assortment